Thursday, 20 March 2014

My Yummy Soup is Here!

I have had a rough couple of days with my son so it was a welcome distraction when my soup arrived from Agata today. She was stressed about what she sent me but she didn't need to be. I loved every bit of the soup I got and it will force me to keep to not go off on a crazy tangent. I tend to over improvise at times which often results in an over complicated design that does not get finished. I have ideas swirling through my head but let me show you what she sent:

The whole yummy soup with all the elements and a lovely letter

Close up of all the elements. I love every one of them. I am quite smitten with the stars. I have some ideas of how to use them and I think this piece will be all for me too.

I was also lucky to receive one of Agata's beautiful bead crocheted bracelet. Her speed and ability is awe inspiring. I also love the little charm, she makes them herself and the colours match so much in my wardrobe. I am wearing it now.

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