Friday, 7 March 2014

Capture a Cab Without Backing

I was told I capture cabs in an unusual way so I thought I would give a quick tutorial (for advanced beaders) here.

First I string enough 11 delicas (or seeds) to go around the cab, there must be an even amount of beads and a little lose is better than too tight. Then I pass through the beads and peyote.

Keep the tension tight

Peyote until you have enough of a strip to cover the height of the cab, if you have worked a tight tension, you should have a slight cupping effect. Change to the opposite side of the ring that you have been working on and switch to size 15 seeds. work in a slightly looser tension and position the cab into the bezel before you end the peyote.

Once you have positioned your cab and finished your first row of 15s, turn the work cab side down and work one more row. 

Turn it back and work rows of 15 seeds until you are happy with the end result. The below picture is a completed one. I probably could have pulled the tension a little tighter on the seeds. I cannot readily find 15 delicas but that would undoubtedly give a cleaner finish but I like the contrast between the delicas and the seeds. This method frees up design ideas, by not having to use the Stiff Stuff and Ultrasuede, double sided designs become possible.  

(oh and I am aware this is a different cab lol)

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