Wednesday, 19 March 2014

My Soup Landed in Poland

International postage is unpredictable at best, the lovely Agata from Inaurem has received my soup. Apparently 100gms of seed beads came as a bit if a shock to her heeheee. I partly sent that much because I'm an indecisive Libran and partly because I really have no clue how many beads are required for crochet. I wanted her to have the challenge of combining many colours but wanted to keep true to the colours we both seem to adore. 

Pop on over to the lovely Ms Agata's blog because her photos are way better than mine. Here is what I sent her. A Jasper focal (I believe it is porcelain Jasper) from far North Queensland. This was my basis for my soup, I picked this out first and built from there. I knew I wanted to add some pink as I had seen a bit of pink on her blog but not a lot. I went for more mauve/purple hues though as I had the most to match those and I'm not a big bright pink fan. I got a huge stash of pearls and knew that these ones would both blend (white/cream) and pop out of the design (dark blue). I wanted the blue to enhance the mauve qualities of the soup. I made the clasp as I was not satisfied with any in my stash. I also added the ceramic button as another clasp choice.  I added some bits and pieces to make sure she could do more than one piece, given the amount I gave her. Thankfully for her the rules don't require her to use everything so there are lots of options. 


  1. You did great! I would have died of joy to receive that!

  2. Lori would die :)
    And I keep dreaming about all the things I'll make from it. I've already started a necklace.
    I checked an online package tracking on Tuesday and it says that the package had flied out to Australia 13.03.2014. I'm worried about it. Isn't it too long?

  3. II got it today Agata :-D. It's so pretty. We live semi-rural so the post is slow. It's amazing how close our colours were. I have lots of ideas. I need to wait to set it up nicely for photos.


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