Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The Final Day

 The piece is complete and I am completely happy with it. Although today my photography skills are somewhat lacking and I am jumping the gun and posting it any way. I hope you can see how the step by step process translates into the final piece. Now to think of a name.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Day Three

I don't have a photo today, the piece is getting quite close to completion and I don't want to ruin the reveal. Today I have mixed up some more transition soups of the light and dark colours and the main colour is all but gone as I am satisfied with the amount of beading done in the middle section. I have found and added some embellishments and I need to finish off the part that sits around the back of the neck. The back part is important but obviously you want to be more heavy handed with the embellishment where you can see it.

A quick word about embellishment. Make sure the colours compliment the look you are going for but don't be too restrained. You won't get an exact match and you want them to stand out. Bling makes your piece sing (excuse my sad attempt at poetry). Having said that, one fun freeform technique is to "hide" a lot of embellishments amongst the seedies. This can give the piece a "where's wally effect" every time you look at it you will find something new.