Saturday, 3 May 2014

BSBP and the Liebster Award

I was expecting to post some pretty raw designs today for the BSBP. However, sadly our host Lori is unwell and she's had to postpone. I don't think any one is bothered by the one week postponement as it gives us all a chance to refine our designs, hopefully Lori is well soon. 

I was browsing Bloglovin' as I often do on a Saturday morning and saw my name and a link to this blog on the lovely Bead Recipes. The talented Melissa has nominated me for something called the Liebster award. The Liebster award is a chain letter designed to bring new visitors to small, unknown blogs. “Liebster” is a German word that translates to “dearest”, “most favourite”. 

You must follow the rules below to participate:

  • You have to link the person who nominated/tagged you.
  • You have to answer the 11 questions your nominator asked you
  • Pick 11 bloggers whose blogs have less than 200 followers, tag them, and don’t forget to inform them about it.
  • Come up with 11 new questions for the persons you’ve tagged.
So, here are my questions and answers:

Dog or cat?
Dog, definitely dog :-). I have three, two Border Collies named Milo and Scooby and a Labrador named Luna. 

Dark chocolate or milk?
Dark chocolate seems to sit better in my tummy. 

What’s your favourite time of year (season or holiday) and why?
Spring, when It's not too hot, here in Queensland it is generally September, October around my birthday.

What’s your favourite recipe? Link to it if it’s online!
Mainly my favourites of my mums that I know off by heart, egg and bacon pie is my all time favourite to eat and cook. 

Where in the world would you most like to travel?
I have never been out of Australia and dream of the Greek Isles. 

Name three books that you really really enjoyed reading.
Just three? The Potato Factory, 'Tis, The Hunger Games are amongst my favourite but I love to read. 

If you could travel in time, which period would you most want to visit?
I would go back to my time in country Victoria, when I was 12 and 13. Although there were so e tough times then they were amongst the most fun moments of my life. 

What’s your favourite gemstone?
I'm partial to citrine. 
When was the last time you dressed up in a costume? And what did you wear?
I think it was 2 years ago and it was a pirate wench. 

What craft or technique would you really like to learn?
Knitting, I've tried and tried but I'm not so good. 

Do you live close to where you grew up, or far away?
Far away. I was born in Kalgoorlie in WA and we moved a lot after leaving WA in 1989. 

OK so I might be breaking the rules, just for now as I haven't time to pull up more blogs that I don't readily know but I have added my friends, family, and followers that I would love to see develop their blogs more and I shall add to the list over the coming week before the BSBP reveal.

Nominator: Melissa from Bead Recipes
Ana from AC Beads
Molly from Beaute Beads
Danielle from Cilla & Mint
Lori Finney from Using My Beads
Lorelle from Beady Art
Nan Smith from Nanmade

Here are my questions:
What is your favourite movie?
Who inspires you the most in your creative endeavors?
Where was the last place you danced?
Where do you see yourself in five years?
What colour are your eyes?
How many pets do you own?
What are your biggest phobias?
How would your best friend describe you?
Are you loud or quiet?
Do you do sport, if so what?
If you could only eat one food for a whole day, what would it be?


  1. Corrie, I accept your nomination with pride.

  2. Thanks Ana. Not every one was pleased :-D.


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